“Isn’t there more to working than this?” It’s a common question that successful professionals of all ages and levels ask themselves. The answer is a resounding “yes.” As a Transition Coach, I work with a wide-range of individuals—surgeons, television executives, real estate brokers, entrepreneurs—who are looking for new opportunities.

Together, we work on reenergizing, rebooting, or reinventing their careers, gaining clarity on where they stand, identify where they want to be, and design an action plan to take them there.


I work with successful professionals  who are open to exploring their passions and potential for personal transition. I’ve brought my broad experience as an actor, writer, and improviser to my work as a certified professional coach (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).


Using the listening skills and creative problem-solving techniques I learned in a variety of ventures, I now work with people to clarify their issues, identify their challenges, and help them discover creative possibilities for the second half of their lives.


Based on extensive research, professional training, and the experience of my own career transition, I have developed a  4-Stage Process to help you Get Unstuck & Get On Track.


Let's work together to create a new and meaningful path for you.