The 6 Ingredients of Career Transition

Time: How much time do you think it would take? What needs to change in order for you to make the time? Who would be effected by that time? How do you spend your time now?

Finances: How can I afford any kind of transition? What are the costs? Who would be effected by those costs? Where do you find the money? What needs to be sacrificed in order for you to make it happen?

Network: Who do you know that can help you in your process of career transition? What's it like asking people for help? How have you used your network in the past? How can you use them differently?

Creativity: What does "thinking outside the box" mean to you? How has creativity shown up in your work in the past? How do you define creativity?

Risk: What does "taking the leap" look like to you? What risks have you taken in the past? What's the last risk you've taken?

Drive: What does it take to get you off the couch? What drives you? When was the last time in your life you were driven?